Our Team

Chef Richard “Hosch” Hoschar, CEC
C0-Owner & Executive Chef

Ann House

Danielle Hunter
Pastry & Sous Chef


our secret ingredient is love.

We love what we do.

And we love working together to create exceptional foods and events for our clients.

Chef Richard “Hosch” Hoschar, co-owner, is a 1977 graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. He has owned a restaurant, co-authored two cookbooks, and served as the executive chef for “The Idler,” a four star restaurant in Michigan. He enjoys teaching healthy and gourmet cooking techniques throughout Pennsylvania. Chef Hosch has specialized in healthy cooking for the past twenty years with emphasis on exceptional flavors for all, including special diets.

Ann House, co-owner, is an occupational therapist, body worker, and artist. She has owned her own business as well as worked as head cook at a summer camp and a baker at a technical college. She knows her way around the kitchen and enjoys tasting the gluten-free fare the team prepares.

Chef Danielle “Danie” Hunter is an accomplished Pastry and Sous Chef. She is a graduate of Pennsylvania Culinary, for Culinary Arts, as well as The Culinary Institute of America, for baking and pastry arts. She has over 16 years experience in the culinary and baking worlds and has worked with Chef Hosch for the past 4 years. She helps design catering events and helps ensure the catering details of your event are carried out as planned. 

Together as a team, Chef Hosch & Ann Catering create and cater unique food menus for your special occasion.

Fresh is Best

Our motto says it all.

We believe in using fresh, locally produced ingredients when possible.

And we believe your hot foods should be served hot, and your cold foods served cold. Our mobile kitchen provides us the ability to prepare and serve your menu fresh, on-site, anywhere in the region.